Project name Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)
Project Location Parkville VIC
Principle Contractor GROCON/PCL
Build year 2015-2016
Project duration 14 Month
Project Type BIO Containment QC2 & QC3, Clean room, Animal houses and Cyclotron Facilities
Business description Victoria’s comprehensive cancer centre was a public-private-partnership (PPP) with the Victorian and Australian Federal Governments to create a world-class purpose-built facility for cancer research, treatment and care.
The VCCC project comprised the construction of a new 13-storey building, as well as the addition of four new floors above the existing Royal Melbourne Hospital. It was one of the largest and most complex construction projects in Australia, which set a new benchmark in the consultative design and construction of hospitals.
Project Scope and Responsibilities BIO Construct we contracted to work with GROCON/PCL for the design and installation of 2010sqm of Dagard laboratory space over 6 floors within VCCC. We were also contracted to coordinate and consult on all services run within the accredited laboratory spaces. VCCC was delivered on time and on budget and stands as a recondensed worked class research and treatment facility. BIO Construct are proud to have been responsible for delivering the most technical and high tech spaces within VCCC
Key highlights/ challenges Facility accreditation and testing requirements we identified as a key challenge during our submission for VCCC. As such we tailored or quality assurance plan and processes to ensure we met even the most stringent requirements under AS2124.